Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bunt on David Wells

I found this on The Sports Frog discussion board. A poster named, ojo writes:

Lead off the game with a bunt. he'll tweak pull twinge something in that girthbomb frame of his and he'll be chowin' krispy kremes within 20 minutes. the man cannot field a bunt, particularly in the first inning or so since he's not effectively stretched/loose.

2003 july vs the red sox. wells fields a leadoff bunt by damon, and is subsequently knocked out of the game because of an enflamed vagina.

2003 WS. juan pierre leads off the game with a bunt, and wells again cannot finish the first inning due to back stiffness from attempting to field the bunt.

2005, today may 18.....mark kotsay leads off the a's bottom half of the first with??? you guessed it, a bunt to second. there are no bunts to second, just bunts that got by the pitcher.

wells goes on to give up 7 runs and fails to record 5 outs.


i do believe so.

bunt on the fat man!

I hope Joe Torre doesn't read this. Then again, he's the same guy who refused to bunt on Schilling with his messed up foot last year.


Kris in Key West said...

You don't need to bunt to get on base against David Wells. I'm afraid Wells is just not going to get the job done this year. He might have a few brief moments of brilliance but is basically the "good locker room guy." Key West High School baseball team are in the Final Four and are poised to bring home their 11th state title. By the way, are the Yankees scheduled to play anybody decent in the next 4 months?

The Godfather said...

my view on Wells is that he is a very good replacement for Lowe. Lowe was a great postseason pitcher for the Sox and after they let him go, I thought that would be tough to replace. Wells is money in the playoffs. The Red Sox will make the postseason and I would want David Wells as my #2 starter in the playoffs anyday.

Patriotsy2k said...

Kris, the Yanks play the Sox at the end of the month.
What baseball division are the Conch's in? I read some stuff on the division 4A playoff game and how Sebastian high school beat the #1 team in the country (some regional school in Wellington).
Are they drawing well? I thought people in Key West only cared about their margarita's and chastity belts.