Saturday, May 21, 2005

Suns good, Walton bad

Last night was probably the best game I've seen this year. I haven't seen much of the Suns, so I was pretty impressed considering that Joe Johnson didn't even play. What else is there to say about Nash? The only rain on Nash's parade could be the fact he did all this against Dallas's defense. San Antonio will do a better job defending the pick and roll. Also, I forgot how good Shawn Marion was.

I can't be completely positive. I'm convinced Bill Walton is trying to sound stupid. He's been to one too many Grateful Dead concerts. However, I should give Mike Tirico and "Snapper" Jones credit. When Walton does say something stupid, the other two guys will usually joke about what he said or just start laughing. We should put these two with Billy Packer or Tim McCarver.

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Patriotsy2k said...

famous Walton quotes:
"get a rebound....!!", "what is going on here!!", "this is the lowest form of basketball since the NBA was invented!"