Friday, May 06, 2005

Bonehead Paul Pierce

Pierce admitted he was a bonehead for doing what he did and I agree. Tinsley did a good job acting, but a ref will always give a technical foul in those situations.

After reading and hearing some commentary, here's some of my thoughts:
  • Bob Ryan thought that Pierce getting thrown out and ripping his jersey off was the most selfish act in Celtics' history. Bob Ryan tends to get carried away.
  • Pierce should have had enough self control not to react to the foul, but not enough is being said about why he was frustrated. The officiating was terrible and Pierce was getting beat up throughout the game. Mainstream media love to ignore poor officiating, but they're not telling the whole story when they do ignore it.
  • Pierce's first technical was maybe the worse call of the year.
  • Pierce did look foolish walking off the court waving his shirt, but it could have been worse. He could have pulled an Antoine Walker and chase a ref. He could have gave the crowd the finger, spit at the crowd, or swear at the crowd. All of these things have been done before and at least Pierce did not stoop to that level.

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