Sunday, January 22, 2006

About that college basketball preview...

I don't think it will happen. I don't ever remember being this disinterested in college basketball. I'm sure when March comes around, things will change. My preview probably would have just focused on me complaining about Coach K.

It was fun watching him lose yesterday. Is there a more annoying coach? Am I the only one who wants to throw rocks at the tv every time Coach K snarls at a ref who had the audacity to call a foul on a Duke player?

With Georgetown beating Duke, the Big East may be better than the ACC. Looks like BC left just in time. BC going to the ACC was a terrible mistake on both ends. BC just doesn't belong in the ACC. While I'm throwing out random thoughts, here's a picture of everyone's favorite player:


cris dlc said...

This is the first season I've really gotten into the regular season of college basketball. Duke is way overrated but you gotta give props to the development of J.J.'s game.

The Big East is going to be real fun to keep up on and its definetly a down year for the ACC.

UCLA and all the west coast teams are a joke. WV really cut them up.

The Godfather said...

I was very upset when I saw a highly recruited PG in Paulus left his hometown of Syracuse to go to Duke, especially when Syracuse needed a PG. Then I saw devendorf (Syracuse's PG that they did get to go there play and I was happy). I saw Paulus play like a freshman yesterday and then Devendorf played even more like a freshman later in the day.

The Big East is very good at the top. UCONN and Nova will both compete for the championship this year. Pitt and West Virginia are very good team (1 of them may make the Elite 8). Louisville is good, but I don't see them getting past the Sweet 16 if they get that far (I didn't see the UCONN game last night so I have no idea hwo they played yesterday). Syracuse is overrated. They will make the 2nd round and get booted. Cincinatti and another Big East team (possibly GTown) will make the tournament, but not really make any noise when there. This pretty much guarentees 8 Big east teams in the tourament. For those of you who are not math majors, this is 1/8 of the teams (well not precisely because of that stupid play in game). There has been talk that in a couple of years, they can get as many as 10 teams in the big dance.

That is my Big East synopsis.

Bryan said...

I have words about the Big East, and I have one new guy I am rooting for in the ACC, and the Big 10 (in my homer opinion) is the tops this year. In any event I want to respond to Alan's original post.
What makes me mad about Coack K is how he snarls at a referee who calls a foul on Duke, then during the commercial break, I see him doing ads for credit cards talking about good sportsmanship.

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