Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Now Sacramento, next out of the NBA


With Ron Artest finally being traded to Sacramento, ESPN's been showing all of the Ron Artest "highlights." Watching him initiate fights and brawls with other players, coaches, fans, and cameras reminded me of how much of a thug, cheap shot artist, and jerk Ron Artest is.

Teams will try to look past Artest's faults because he's an extremely talented player. Trading for Artest does come up with a steep price though. Is his talent worth your team being represented by a player who is a disgrace to the NBA and the uniform he wears?


Patriotsy2k said...

I think I will finally agree with Alan about Artest. He is a selfish jerk who is turning Rodman-esque.
Ronnie didn't do to well, and the Celtics actually won. What does Boston think about Sczerbiak?

Bryan said...

I guess what I do not understand is the Rodman-esque comment. What do you mean by that? If by that you mean that Artest comes to play every night and gets 15 boards a game, then after the game gives the shirt off of his back to a little kid in the crowd, then yes he is Rodman-esque.

I may have a skewed opinion on Rodman, but everywhere he played (post-Bulls not withstanding) he was a winner. He may have been out there, but he brought championships to the places he played. IMO - hall of famer.