Sunday, January 15, 2006

Silver lining followed by some dark clouds

I was just reminded how much I hate the Colts. The play that described it all for me was when Manning threw an incomplete pass into the endzone and all of Indy started whining for a pass interference call. After the worst replay reversal in the history of the game brought them back into the game, the Colts still didn't hesitate to look for a flag.

Then again, that what they do after every incomplete pass. Bill Polian will probably get some more rule changes, so the NFL can help Peyton even more. The blitz bothered Peyton a lot, so maybe they'll outlaw blitzing.

I actually thought of the Colts after the horrendous pass interference call against Asante Samuels. Ever since Polian forced the NFL to make all contact illegal on passes, every incomplete pass is followed by the entire stadium looking for a flag. The official in the Denver game probably just choked, but would that have still happened if the NFL hadn't decided to make pass interference a "point of emphasis?"

Back to the Colts. It was so satisfying to watch God's gift to the NFL choke again in the playoffs. How can the greatest quarterback ever be sacked twice in a row when his team needs a final drive to tie? Also, it was nice to see the greatest quarterback ever not take advantage of great field position given to him by his defense, so the game was left in the hands of a kicker.

Now I don't like the Steelers either, but this game taught me my dislike for the Colts is greater. It was funny to see Bettis with possibly the worst fumble in football history, but I'm happy the Steelers won. Maybe Bettis can fumble again next week.

Now for the dark clouds. After the game I talked to Patriotsy2k and he told me, "You realize if the Pats won last night the AFC Championship Game would have been in New England." Ouch.

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