Thursday, January 05, 2006

So who will be getting the draft picks?

The Chiefs may give up draft picks to the Jets, so they can have Herm Edwards coach them. What has Edwards accomplished that makes him worthy of draft picks? Edwards reminds me of Doc Rivers -- players like him and the media says he's a good coach, but when it comes down to it, they've never won anything.

Here's my little misinformed conspiracy theory based on some headlines I remember. First, Vermeil probably let his friend Herm Edwards know that this would be his last season. Edwards wanted the KC job, so he tries to figure out how to get fired because he doesn't want his new team to lose draft picks. This is when Edwards starts complaining about his contract and demands an extension. Why else would a coach of a 4 win team ask for an extension?

The Jets were smart and didn't fall for it. Now they're in a position of power holding an asset another team wants. In the end, the Jets will probably end up with some draft picks and a better coach.

One last Jets thought: Jets GM Terry Bradway has probably drafted hundreds of players. Only one has made it to the Pro Bowl, and that was Santana Moss -- who made it as a Redskin.

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