Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wild Card Saturday

  • First let me pretend I care about the NFC. The Washington Tampa game was just plain ugly -- some good defense, but how can offenses be so incompetent?
  • The Pats and Jags continued the momentum of the NFC's ugliness in the first half. No Bruschi, Dillon doing nothing, and Jacksonville's enormous D-line and secondary playing strong made me a bit nervous.
  • Now some compliments:
    • For a few months this offseason, Troy Brown wasn't a Patriot. Last night he did a good job getting open for a touchdown, and he played a little defense too.
    • Can we compare Willie McGinest to Bruce Smith? Or should the question be can we compare Bruce Smith to Willie McGinest?
    • Andre Davis, Chad Brown, and Monty Beisel all made plays!
    • In other shocking news, Madden gave some good analysis -- especially when he showed how Peterson's cast prevented him from wrapping up Watson and how Samuels tricked Leftwich for the interception.
    • Jaguars look like a team with a good future.

1 comment:

Patriotsy2k said...

First of all, you should care about the NFC. There are some good teams in this conference, and even I takes an interest in what happens in each NFC division.
I am still pissed at the Patriots for what they did to Troy Brown last winter. A player of his calibur deserved better than that, especially considering he is a good candidate for the Patriots Hall of Fame.
I remember Bruce Smith being a monster in the 1988 season, then having some great seasons afterwards. His success lasted through the 90's, until he retired with the Redskins in '99, I believe. What many people remember is him not playing in a playoff game in '95 at Pittsburgh, because he had the flu. Mike Ditka criticized him for not playing, and this turned out to be the last time the Bills were in the divisional playoffs. They haven't won a playoff game since the '95 season. Anyways, I didnt follow his career much, yet if someone else has, please enlighten us.