Sunday, January 15, 2006

First some good news.

I just remembered I have leftover pizza in the fridge!

I'll try to come up with some other good news. Sometimes when a great team loses, it's because their stars got old or a new team showed up that clearly had better talent. When this happens, fans know it's the end of the run. This wasn't the case with the Patriots against the Broncos. The Patriots have the talent and the coaching; they'll be in contention next year.

Now for the bad news. Faulk fumbles, Hobbs fumbles, Brady makes a terrible stupid interception, Vinatieri misses a kick, and Troy Brown fumbles. In the playoffs, just having one of those plays can lose a game; just having one of those plays will drive fans crazy, causing them to ask, "What if?" all offseason. There were at least five of those heartbreaking, stomach-churning plays.

Fans usually turn players who make these mistakes into goats. Most Pats fans haven't forgive Bledsoe for those terrible interceptions he threw in the playoffs. After the 86 Super Bowl, not too many people wore Tony Eason jerseys. Fans are used to turning goats into public enemies and making them punchlines to jokes about ineptitude. Pats fans can't do that with Faulk, Brady, Vinatieri, and Brown.

I'm concentrating on the Patriots' mistakes because I always concentrate on the Patriots. However, I should mention that the Broncos did earn this win. They rattled Brady and the offensive line early in the game, they forced two fumbles, Bailey made a terrific play intercepting Brady (the smart blitz call helped there too), and Mike Shanahan coached a good game. The Broncos offense didn't do much, but they only turned the ball over once, and they made big plays when they needed too.

Oh yeah, the Seahawks won too. The only thing I have to report about that game is my 2 hour nap was quite satisfying

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