Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Remember how I said I'd pay attention to college football this year?

Didn't happen. The only observation I have about bowl season is that Charlie Weis is fat. I will watch USC against Texas though. USC will win, I guess.


Bryan said...

This is what is great about living in Chicago, the closest large market for Notre Dame.
IT WAS A FREAKING INCOMPLETE PASS. It did not change the complexion of the game. What changed the complexion of the game, was that your cornerbacks seemed to play with their helmets on backwards.
This past month all I heard was, "Give Charlie Weiss 4 weeks to plan, and he can beat anybody." Well guess what, if you give Jim Tressell 4 weeks he can beat anybody.

ARGH!! Sorry, I hate Notre Dame and everything about them. That being said, Charlie Weiss will probably win a national championship with them.

The Godfather said...

First, my prediction is that Texas will win tonight. USC's defense is horrendous. Not that Texas has a great D, but I think they will stop USC more times than USC will stop Texas.

I hope Vince Young decides to stay in school. It is tough to turn down the money, but by staying an extra year, he may make more money and possibly win a Heisman.

What annoyed me most about the ND/OSU game is Brent Mussenberger kept comparing Charlie Weiss to Bill Parcells. Leaving the weight issue alone, doesn't Bill Bellichek deserve a little more respect at this point. I know Weiss came up under Parcells and spent more years as a "Parcells" coordinator than a "Bellichek" coordinator, but enough with giving Parcells all the credit. I look at what he accomplished without his top coordinators and it is not exactly HOF material. It still remains to see what the Pats accomplish over a longer period without their top coordinators, but going 10-6 with all the injuries they sustained is pretty impressive. Enough with Parcells. He was a great coach with an outstanding staff, but he is a has been and should just roll away.

Alan said...

USC might not have the defensive talent, but Pete Carroll should still put up a good defensive gameplan. Carroll has his faults, but planning a good defense isn't one of them.

Go here to play the Brent Musburger Drinking Game. http://www.fanblogs.com/ncaa/005660.php

Randy Cross was doing the same thing with Belichick when he went for it on 4th down against Miami. I guess Parcells invented going for it on fourth down, yelling at players, and yelling at refs.

Forget Belichick and Parcells. Weis has been a success at everything he's done. Just because you coached under coaching greats doesn't mean you automatically become one. Just ask Norv Turner and Ray Rhodes.

Bryan said...

Did you know that AJ Hawk is dating Brady Quinn's sister?
Did you also know that Tom Zbikowski (Chicago boy by the way) was a golden gloves boxer???

I hate Mussburger

The Godfather said...

I managed to block from my mind how annoying the whole AJ Hawk and Brady Quinn's sister thing was. They definitely gave that whole scenario too much air time. The whole split uniform thing was ridiculous as well, especially since she couldn't even bring herself to root for Ohio St.

At least tonight's game has enough entertaining players that the focus will be on them. Probably the first time that the national championship game featured the top 3 Heisman vote getters.

Patriotsy2k said...

Good call, Godfather, with the Texas victory. I didn't think they were going to keep up with USC, yet Vince Young is amazing.
You might get your wish soon with Parcells, cause rumors are that he is done coaching. This Cowboys experiment is almost like when Jordan went to the Wizards...a legend ending it on mediocrity.