Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe gets 81

So now I see why Kobe didn't want Shaq around. There has been a lot of high scoring games by the likes of Kobe, Iverson, and others this year. Is it because passing is becoming less and less popular? Or is it because there's some bad teams with great scorers?

Kobe getting 81 is an amazing feat, but having an offense cater to one person scoring a ton does not win championships.


The Godfather said...

you can add Vince Carter to that list too.

Bryan said...

I hate Kobe, I think Vince Carter is a fraud, but I actually like Iverson. Amid all of the tatoos and practice issues is somebody who throws his body around at the hoop. I respect that.

While Kobe's 81 is impressive, I am actually more impressed by Kevin Garnett nearing a triple double every night.