Saturday, January 28, 2006

Know any good cereal jokes?

The Red Sox traded for Coco Crisp, and the overall mood in Boston about this trade is positive. If Crisp's name was Joe, or even better Chris, I don't think people in Boston would be as excited.

Offensively, I'm happy the Sox got Crisp. His on base percentage is lower than Damon's but he has more power. Defense is a concern though because his range is average at best and he has a weak arm. Not the best combination when you're playing between Manny and Trot Krispy Kreme Nixon. By next year, Crisp will probably move to a corner.

What I really don't like about this trade is how the Sox seemed to be in a forced position to make it. With Damon gone and Adam Stern listed as their starting centerfielder, the Sox were forced to give up uber-prospect Andy Marte and more. Three years from now this trade could look very bad.

At least lazy columnists will now be provided with easy jokes. After Crisp's first strong game, I call dibs on "Hot Coco."

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