Sunday, January 15, 2006

Some quotes from the archives

Here's a little reminder of why I don't gamble. To make myself feel better, I threw in a Bryan quote too.

After the Colts 2-0 start:

Indianapolis: They have a defense and the usual offense. They'll have a great season, but it won't mean anything if Manning chokes in the playoffs again.

After the Broncos beat the Patriots in October:

Some Denver players were celebrating a little too much in the first half. I guess you have to get your celebrating in while you can when you know your team won't make it past the first round of the playoffs.

Before the Colts beat the Steelers in November

I'm not counting on the Steelers to spoil Indy's season. Tonight's an important game. The Steelers win their important games in September and October.

Bryan responding to Patriotsy2k saying the Bears look "solid" in November:

If by solid you mean flimsy and totally beatable, then you are right. There are so many holes on this team that I would like filled it's unbelievable. Horrible quarterback, horrible wide recievers, and I really do not trust our rookie kicker


Bryan said...

Hate to be right about that quote. Actually, I was wrong on two of those issues. Rex Grossman showed that he can lead an offense down the field, and finally we can have an average offense.
Too bad our rookie kicker did not get a shot at anything. I was correct about the wide-receivers sans Berrian. Too bad he got hurt on that play. Moose Muhammad is a fraud.
All that being said, we just could not defend the pass, that is why they lost. Plain and simple

Anonymous said...

What's missing here is Alan's quote where he said the Colts were going to beat the Steelers by 30 points! Hopefully next year I will not have to listen to the national media rave about how great the Colts are all season long ... Peyton Manning looked like a pop warner QB in the first quarter throwing up off balance wounded ducks ... -- Ladies Man