Monday, January 02, 2006

Enjoy the offseason

Mike Tice, Mike Martz, Mike Sherman, and Don Capers shouldn't have answered the phone this morning. As expected, they were all fired. There's not much to add in criticizing these coaches; their poor coaching has been discussed for years. I just want to add that Mike Sherman had no business being in the NFL after choking away the playoffs a few years ago. I'll miss the comedy of Tice and Martz, but since the NFL loves to recycle failure coaches, we're sure to see them again soon.

Then there's Drew Brees. Going into the weekend his team was already out of the playoffs. He just needed to get through one more game, and then he'd have a good rest from the rigors of the NFL. Then he gets a torn labrum (which Red Sox fans know way too much about). Enjoy an offseason of surgery and rehab, Drew!


The Godfather said...

I think Dickey Betts was fired from the Allman Brothers via fax. Guess he didn't answer his phone, but those Allmans were too smart for him. I wonder how many more tours he cashed in on before the Allmans figured out the fax option.

Patriotsy2k said...

Torn labrum.....Pedro, right?
Is Norv Turner next?