Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wild Card Sunday

  • Carolina looked real good against the Giants. From today's performance I wouldn't be surprised to see them in Detroit for the Super Bowl.
  • Eli must have listened to his brother for advice on playoff football.
  • The only way the Steelers see Detroit is if Bill Cowher buys a bunch of tickets for a Pistons game.
  • Every Steelers game involves scuffles, dumb penalties, celebrating three yard runs, and Bill Cowher spit. Colts will beat them by 30.
  • Bengal fans can complain about Palmer's injury -- and it did affect the offense. However, Palmer's injury didn't have much to do with their terrible defense.
  • Way to show up Chad Johnson. Keep working on those dances.


Anonymous said...

Various comments regarding the two wild card posts:

1) There is no way the Colts beat the Steelers by 30 points. There is a decent chance the Colts lose. I think they will probably win, however, in what I will term a pyrrhic victory. The Steelers have a knack for injuring half the other team whether winning or losing - the dirty hit on Palmer, then of course, Harrison, Light, Faulk, Ty Law, etc ...

2) Whatever the Steelers may or may not do, there is nothing more irritating in watching pro football than watching Peyton Manning's pre-snap antics. It's kind of like watching Derek Jeter whine to the umpires.

3) I'll listen to John Madden anytime. He usually has some good insights. After Phil Simms, there's no one I'd rather listen to. The worst commentator in pro football continues to be Randy Cross.

- Ladies Man

Patriotsy2k said...

Ladies Man, I wonder the same thing about Pittsburgh's knack of injuring players. I brought this up to the Steeler fanatic in my office, and he merely states they are "a solid team that plays hard".
What does pyrrhic mean? Did you get this word from BigDaddy?