Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wally world

Usually when a local team makes a trade, I rush to get my thoughts out. The Celtics' recent trade doesn't have that excitement. There are some benefits to this trade, but the Celtics still remain a mediocre team. Since I have no coherent main point, here's some random thoughts about the trade:
  • Big negative for me in the spelling department with Davis vs. Szczerbiak. That's the last time I spell his last name. For now on he will be known as Wally.
  • I have no complaints about Ricky Davis. He always had a good professional attitude. I just think his game was too similar to Pierce's, and that hurt the Celtics' offense.
  • Plenty of complaints about Mark Blount. The Celtics could have traded Mark Blount for the Godfather and it would have been a good trade.
  • Blount may have been the greatest player ever at playing for a new contract. I have never seen an athlete quit like Blount did after getting that big raise.
  • With good coaching (which he hasn't had yet) Marcus Banks can be a strong contributor.
  • The Celtics get a center who's a former number one overall draft pick and an enormous disappointment. The good ol' Pervis Ellison Years, Part 2, now starring Michael Olowokandi!
  • As for the other players, Reed's a good defender, nothing else. As for Dwayne Jones, his initials are DJ.


Patriotsy2k said...

I just hope that Wally World doesn't get closed down for the Celtics, like it did for the Griswald's.
Hard times it was for Clark Griswold, just like it will be for Doc Rivers and the Celtics.

Alan said...

I think Clark Griswold would be a better coach than Rivers. Christie Brinkley could be his assistant.