Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Devil Rays need a new name

In Tampa, they determined that the word, "Devil Rays," gives off a bad image because "Devil," is such an evil word. The New Jersey Devils don't seem to have that problem; maybe it's because their team has talent.

There's a possibility they'll just drop "Devil," and call themselves the Rays. They would then have to get a new mascot.

Or they may look for entirely different name. Here are two suggestions:
  • The Tampa Bay Fifth Place
  • The Tampa Bay Just Stopping By Until We Move To a Real Major League City
I don't know how you'd fit that on a hat though.

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Patriotsy2k said...

That's good, cause their mascot was very disrespectful. One night last August this large, blue mascot did so much that he even got Jerry Remy going in the broadcast booth. His antics included taking Sox hats and wiping them on his toochie, and then getting a Wally replica and torturing him in several ways that I am not willing to share in this post.