Thursday, October 20, 2005

A comprehensive preview of the World Series

I couldn't even type that title with a straight face. Here's my thoughts on some interesting matchups for the series.

Starting pitching: The Astros have the big names who have lived up to the hype. The White Sox starters just came off four straight complete games, so I guess you could say they're hot. Even

Relief pitching: Do the White Sox have a bullpen? They were great in the regular season and against the Red Sox, but will having so much time off affect them? Lidge is a top closer, but the White Sox are stronger with middle relief. Edge: White Sox

Managers: I don't know. For the league championship series, most would say the Cardinals and the Angels had the managing advantage. What did that win them? Even

Lineup: Neither team has a hitter who batted over .300 this season. The White Sox hit more homeruns so I'll give the edge to them. Advantage: White Sox

Former Red Sox players: Astros: Adam Everett, Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens. White Sox: Carl Everett, Dustin Hermanson. Advantage: Astros

Stadiums: Unfortunately, the White Sox built their stadium right before Camden Yards taught baseball that it's good to have nice stadiums. The Astros play in a glorified miniature golf course. Advantage: White Sox

Interesting former players: White Sox: Ron Kittle, Astros: J.R. Richards. Advantage: Astros

Former Hall of Famers: Two former White Sox are in the exclusive Guess the Athlete! Club. Advantage: White Sox

Corruption: Enron ruined California's economy and the retirement fund of its worker. Mayor Daley rigged the election to give the United States President John F. Kennedy. Advantage: White Sox

Roles in movies: Eight Men Out starring the 1919 White Sox is about a black mark in baseball. Bad News Bears 2 with some Astros chanting, "Let them play," was an inspiration to the country. Advantage: Astros

Television Shows: Chicago had Perfect Strangers and Houston has ???? Advantage: Don't be ridiculous, Balki Bartokomous

Final Verdict: White Sox in 6 because the American League is better than the National League


Patriotsy2k said...

Yes, Larry Appleton would also agree that DB Sweeney did a great job in 8 Men out...I bet nobody knew what I was talking about there.
Houston had that movie "Cloak and Dagger", right? I know it's not a TV show, yet this will have to do.
1 last thing - Godfather, please don't call me this weekend leaving drunk messages. I will be on a cruise somewhere in the Bahamas and my work calls will get forwarded to my cell phone. Therefore, I need all the room I can get. Thank you for your cooperation, and go Astros.

The Godfather said...

A few more categories to consider are defense and base-running.
I like the Astros staff better than the Sox (both starters and relief). There is not much of an edge in either though.
The Astros definitely have more pop in their lineup.
At the beginning of the playoffs, I predicted Houston so I will stick with them in 5.

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