Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I pity the dress code

The new NBA dress code forbidding exposed chains will certainly prevent Mr. T from joining the league.

It makes sense that the NBA wants its players to look professional, even if there are more important issue for them to concentrate on.

Believe it or not, I'm actually going to agree with an Indiana Pacer on the issue. Here's what Stephen Jackson said:

"I think it's a racist statement because a lot of the guys who are wearing chains are my age and are black," said Jackson, 27. "I wore all my jewelry today to let it be known that I'm upset with it.

"I'll wear a suit every day. I think we do need to look more professional because it is a business. A lot of guys have gotten sloppy with the way they dress. But it's one thing to [enforce a] dress code and it's another thing if you're attacking cultures, and that's what I think they're doing."

"Racist" is a bit of a loaded word, and I wouldn't say it's a blatant case of racism. It is interesting that the jewelry rule only affects black players (and maybe some old Italians). I also think players can look professional while showing off some of their jewelry. The league should tweak that part of the rule.

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The Godfather said...

This really is not as big of a deal as people are making of it.
The NBA as an organization or employer is imposing a dress code. We've all been through this and live by similar rules. That is really all this is.
The fact that 80% of the league is African-American is what makes this a "situation." My point being that if ANY rule was imposed on the NBA, you can make a racist argument because so many players in the league are of one race.
Let me give you a couple of examples. No one made comments about Reggie Miller or Michael Jordan and their post-game interviews because they were presentable. Do you think the NBA likes how Steve Nash looks in post game interviews? The league may not like him because he is Canadian, but who can blame them?
I look at this as not much different from what George Steinbrenner does. He doesn't allow facial hair and imposes a dress code. The difference is that it is one team as opposed to a whole league.
I've lost a lot of respect for the NBA over the past 10 years as have many people. I think the players who are using race an an excuse don't truly understand the purpose of the rule. If the NBA loses corporate America, then the players lose their money. It is that simple. I don't feel bad for the players who make millions of dollars that they ahve to live up to some of the standards that we fans live up to everyday.