Thursday, October 13, 2005

Even more baseball bashing

The ALCS was scheduled at the exact same time as the NLCS. Idiot! The Angels played three games, in three days, in three different time zones. Why bother giving them a day off? Also the Cardinals and Astros had at least two days off before Game 1. A five-year-old could have tweaked the schedule to give the Angels a day off and not have the games on at the same time.

Would any other sport be stupid enough to schedule two of their semifinal games at the exact same time? There's so many new players that baseball needs to promote in these series. That's not going to happen with one of the games on FX.


Patriotsy2k said...

Well 1st of all, the Yanks/Angels series was supposed to end on Sunday, but that didnt happen cause of the rainout. The baseball playoffs is always pre-determined long in advance, gosh! And why wasn't Game 2 of ALCS on during the day? The opening night of the LCS series has always played a day game the next day, gosh! They changed that last year, as I remember game 2 of Sox/Yanks conflicted with the NLCS.

The Godfather said...

As far as days off and prmoting players, all of these schedules are deternmined well before the teams are dtermined.
What used to happen was that one network had the ALCS and another network had the NLCS and then of course one network had the World Series. I remember in 1999, the Mets-Braves game started 4 hours before the Sox-Yanks game. That was the Mets game that went 13 or 14 innings when Robin Ventura hit the Grand Single. By the time the Mets game was over, the Yanks/Sox were in the 5thj or 6th inning. Besides wanting to remember when the Mets were good, it also demonstrates that both games were seen in full in every part of the country. I am not saying it is the best option, but it is an