Sunday, October 16, 2005

NFL thoughts

  • Cut Duane Starks. Leave him in Colorado so he can join his Dumb and Dumber buddies in Vail. If I'm an offensive coordinator against the Pats, I would just tell the QB to throw to Starks.
  • Monty Beisel can miss the plane ride home too. I thought middle linebackers were supposed to make tackles.
  • Should I bother complaining about the Patriots' injuries? I'll just make a list of players who didn't play: Light, Brown, Dillon, Faulk, Seymour, Bruschi, Harrison, Poole, and probably some more.
  • Add Brady to the above list if he keeps getting hit like he has been over the last two games.
  • It's amazing Patrick Pass and Tom Brady almost lead the Pats to a comeback, and we can only imagine what would happen if Givens and Branch caught the balls they dropped.
  • The Vikings got blown out this weekend, just like last weekend when many of their players got blown...blown away by how friendly their female guests were on their boat trip.
  • New York is known for over rating their athletes, but amazingly New York's two star running backs get little publicity. Curtis Martin quietly does the job, and Tiki Barber is the Giants' all-time leading rusher. Maybe Coughlin forgot about that when he replaced Barber with a rookie at the goal line, who of course fumbled.
  • Yesterday I did a poor job with the remote navigating between the endings of the USC and Michigan games. Today, I made a good recovery with the two 1 PM overtime games, celebrating Jacksonville's interception return and quickly switching to the Cowboys' 45 yard winning kick.
  • Don't know what happened to me with the Atlanta game though. I saw Atlanta miss a field goal, assumed the game was going to overtime, watched the Pats' kickoff, switched back to the Falcons, saw the Falcons hit a winning kick, and later saw Jim Haslett whining. Either the refs made a bad call or they decided to play overtime in New York.
  • Just like the Pats' struggling defense shows how valuable Harrison is, the Steeler's pathetic offensive display shows how valuable Roethlisberger is.
  • Some Denver players were celebrating a little too much in the first half. I guess you have to get your celebrating in while you can when you know your team won't make it past the first round of the playoffs.


The Godfather said...

I was shocked Brady kept getting up. He took a beating today and then led a comeback.

I think this game showed how much they miss Harrison. Rod Smith would have left in a stretcher instead of running all over the field if Harrison was out there.

As for the Atlanta game, the refs made a defensive holding call on the first game winning FG attempt. When is the last time you saw defensive holding called on a FG attempt?

Curtis and Tiki get their due in NY. Curtis gets some national spotlight (at least he did last year when he was moving up the all time rushing list).

Bryan said...

Brady is one tough character. Everything said about him, IMO, dead on accurate.
Yeah the Vikings got blown out, blah blah blah. I am a Bears fan and I thought that was the worst game I have ever seen in 23 years of watching the NFL. Any other team and the Bears would have been destroyed.

Patriotsy2k said...

I couldn't help think this morning about how the Pats could be 1-5 if not for the brilliant play by Brady in Pitt and in Atlanta. And yes, I was also visibly upset with Branch's drops, especially in the 4th. Even my daughter Melanie got very concerned over my sudden anger regarding this.
Tiki Barber is the man, and I was watching that drive when Tom Coughlin inexplicably subbed him out. Troy Aikman, I believe, was dogging well he should.
And for the Atlanta game, Fox was kind enough to switch to that game after the Dallas victory. Nobody can explain the defensive holding call, yet Jim Haslett made a good point about it. He mentioned the Saints got the idea from Atlanta in their attempt to block the Pats last second kick last Sunday. He will get fined for his post-game tirade, yet I will guess it will be worth it for him.