Monday, October 24, 2005

Thoughts from an NFL bye week

If the Patriots can take a week off, I can take a weekend off. Didn't watch much football this weekend, but here's some thoughts anyway:
  • ESPN's going on and on about touchdown celebrations. Who cares? I liked the cart wheel and the chain saw celebrations. Don't get the waiter thing.
  • When Bledsoe was traded to the Bills, some in the Boston media were claiming the Pats made a mistake. As if New Englanders needed more proof that Belichick was right, Bledsoe throws an absolutely terrible interception.
  • So what the Cowboys do? Cut the kicker -- the same kicker who won an overtime game with a 48-yard-field goal a few weeks ago.
  • The Saints got screwed by the refs again.
  • Eli Manning's looking like a legitimate QB who performs well in the clutch. Peyton has to put up with being outdone by Brady in the playoffs. How will life be for Peyton, if Eli becomes a good playoff performer and wins a Super Bowl?
  • Mike Williams had 95 yards receiving. I told you the Lions made a good choice.
  • So should the Texans give up on Carr and take Leinart?
  • Eagles win with special teams. All these AFC losses is good news for the Pats.
  • Now the NFL is a copy cat league, so if the Vikings go on a winning streak after beating the powerhouse Packers, does that mean other teams will have some sex cruises.
  • Which fantasy owners picked Mark Brunell and Santana Moss at the beginning of the season?
  • If Duane Starks were a team, he'd be the 49ers.
  • Steve McNair hurt, Pope Catholic.
  • A team of blind midgets will beat the San Antonio Spurs in basketball before Patriotsy2k drinks a yard faster than the Godfather.

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