Sunday, October 02, 2005

Not even waiting for the game to end

At halftime, Bryant Gumbell said that the Patriots aren't being affected by their injuries. He wasn't hired for his brains. You think Ted Johnson or Tedy Bruschi may have helped the run defense? Maybe Rodney Harrison could have helped with the run defense and cover Gates?

The heroes of this game is the Chargers' offensive line. Drew Brees hasn't even been close to being touched. Not to take anything away from Brees, but pretty much any average NFL quarterback can look great when there's never a defender within five yards of him.

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Patriotsy2k said...

I am glad the game was not available in my area so I didn't have to view this slaughter. I even tried to wheedle DirecTV to order me CBS-West (channel 381 - LA feed), albeit unsuccessful. Everyone I talk to say that the defense was anemic. Now I am nervous again going into next week at Atlanta. Since I will be in the Georgia Dome to witness this next Sunday, let the almighty give me mercy.