Monday, October 24, 2005

No east coast bias here

Chicago and Houston are playing some good baseball. I'm tired of people saying the White Sox success is due to "small ball." It's not. Paul Konerko hitting a grand slam and an incredibly hot pitching staff has nothing to do with small ball.

We were in bar watching game one, so the Godfather and I didn't know why Clemens left early. The Godfather said that maybe he had a blister. That hurt. But don't despair Houston fans, last year the Red Sox lost the first two games on the road against the Yankees and their star pitcher looked to be out for the season. Everything worked out fine

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The Godfather said...

There was a game on Saturday night? Just kidding.
It was pretty tough to pay complete attention to the game, but I just kept seeing Houston squander opportunity after opportunity. The Crede's HR clinched it.
My predictionwas Houston in 5. This is actually the kind of series I expected. I expect all close games, but I thought Houston and Lidge would come out on top of those games. I had the right idea but the wrong team (SO FAR).
Let's go 'Stros. Make it a series.