Thursday, October 13, 2005

More baseball bashing

A day later, that terrible call is even more embarrassing to baseball. First there was the arrogant umpire press conference, where of course they claimed they didn't do anything wrong. It was interesting, that the homeplate umpire during the press conference never said he was positive that the ball was not caught.

You would think an umpire would only rule it a dropped ball if he was positive the ball was actually dropped. From what I've seen, here's my guess of the thoughts of the umpires during the infamous play.

Homeplate umpire: "Strike three! Time for my between innings Whiskey shot! Wait, why's that guy running? Maybe the catcher dropped it? I guess that might have happened, I'll give it to him. He would never try to deceive me."

The other umpires when Mike Scioscia appealed to them after a long argument: "No way in hell I'm overturning that call! We don't get paid overtime if this thing goes into extra innings. Besides, we're in Chicago; they had a riot over disco once -- I'm not taking any chances. Now where did I leave my crack pipe?"

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Patriotsy2k said...

And Chicago also had a couple of delirious fans attack a 3rd base coach of the Royals (Tom Gamboa) 2-3 years ago. Now all Gamboa did was flick someone off....imagine if they made a call against the White Sox that people didn't like? The brawl at the Palace last year would be long forgotten.