Thursday, October 27, 2005

Congrats to all White Sox fans (if there are any)

The American League has won the last eight World Series games. You have to go back to the hapless Yankees to see the last time the American League lost to the National League in post season play.

I'm not sure I would call it American League dominance; it's more of a case of American League teams getting amazingly hot at the right times. Last year it was the Red Sox lineup; this year it was the White Sox pitching.

And enough about Ozzie Guillen. He gave his team confidence, but the players won the series. There's Jermaine Dye, who has had a promising career derailed by injuries, coming up with clutch hit after clutch hit. There's Scott Podsednik doing his Ozzie Smith impersonation hitting unexpected post season homeruns. There's Juan Uribe making two great defensive plays in the bottom of the ninth inning of the deciding game.

Derek Jeter's a hero for unnecessarily diving into the stands after catching a foul ball in the regular season. What does that make Uribe for charging into the stands (on the road) for a better catch in the World Series?

Lastly, any team could have had Jose Contreras, El Duque, or Bobby Jenks last March for little more than a player to be named later. Credit goes to these players for unexpectedly coming up big and to GM Kenny Williams for bringing in the right players to win a World Series.

Now if only the White Sox had fans. I guess all of those Bulls fans who jumped on Michael Jordan's bandwagon finally have a new bandwagon to jump on to.

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Bryan said...

The Chicago Bulls have consistantly been among the leagues best in home attendance