Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some football...

  • I'm excited about the return of Bruschi and trust some of the best doctors on Earth who approve his return. Then again, a few radio hosts and talk show callers are saying it's a terrible thing for Bruschi to do, and they know much more than a bunch of doctors,
  • The return of Bruschi, Gay, Poole, and Seymour should improve the Pats defense. It better.
  • Kevin Mawae's out for the season. Hopefully it was because someone cheap shot him in practice.
  • I need to go back to remote control school. I was watching that boring Colts game instead of an exciting baseball playoff game.
  • Whose idea was it to mike Peyton Manning last night? Am I the only one who thought he sounded annoying as he pleaded with the refs and "motivated" his teammates?


The Godfather said...

OK. I was going to avoid this, but I decided against it.
Is your opinion of Maewae the same as Rodney Harrison. They are both arguably the best at their position and both are regarded as cheap shot artists. Harrison does have a ring onviously.
People in Boston love to complain about Maewae (possibly with good reason). I just see harrison as another player who takes his shots as well. And no, I was not happy to see Harrison get hurt.

Alan said...

I'll admit that Harrison's one of those "as long as he's playing for my team I like him" guys. Now that I've seen what Harrison has done on the field for the Pats and off the field (I'm always impressed with his interviews), I appreciate him.

I guess the same could happen if Mawae joined the Pats. Right now though, when I think of Mawae I just think of the stories of him being a cheap shot artist.

I guess my comment on Mawae was a cheap shot, which might just be appropriate.