Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Probably a dumb question

Would Mike Piazza work out at first base for the Red Sox? I love the idea of him batting behind Ortiz and Manny, he has to be better than Kevin Millar, and having three catchers would add flexibility to the bench.

I know the Mets tried Piazza, but I don't remember why the experiment stopped. If he was a disaster, forget that I wrote this.


Bryan said...

I would think that Piazza might end up in the AL as a DH. Tonight I originally said the BoSox, but then remembered about Ortiz. I would guess Anaheim/Oakland/Chicago/Minnesota

Patriotsy2k said...

I hope Piazza comes to Boston so he can bring that smoking, ex-Baywatch wife of his to the 406 club and Patsy2k can practice his moves.
Seriously, never gave it any thought. Interesting idea that Theo will have to decide whether he is worth the moola to fork up in free agency.

The Godfather said...

First point. This talk about Theo this, Theo that. No one seems to talking about that THEO IS NOT SIGNED FOR NEXT YEAR. Maybe he will sign an extension today and this post will sound stupid, but I find it very odd that he has not had his contract extended yet.

Piazza at 1st. Horrible defensively. Piazza as a DH. Well you have to look at the fact that he hit .260 with under 20 HR's and around 60 RBI's. Those numbers are all estimates, but his offensive numbers do not warrant paying him big money.

The Sox have to think about a defensive 1st baseman. We'll see if Renteria gets his defensive abilities back next year and they may also have a new 3rd baseman.

The thing about Piazza is what made him a good power hitter was his ability to hit with power to the opposite field. That is what he has lost in his swing. Just watching him this year, I don't see him putting up power numbers at Fenway.

I just don't see it as a good fit, but I could be wrong. Wherever he goes, I hope he does well. He really is a good guy to have on a team. Unfortunately, age is catching up with him and his offensive numbers ahve been in decline.