Monday, October 31, 2005

Theo Epstein quits

The Godfather predicted this. I thought he was wrong because the Sox would be too P.R. conscious to let him go, and Theo's professional pride would make him stay to watch his farm system develop. I was wrong, the Godfather was right, pigs fly.

Ironically, it was the Red Sox obsession with public relations that made Theo leave. Team president Larry Lucchino had been taking heat for Theo not being signed and for his reputation as being the bad boss. So yesterday, Dan Shaughnessy who is known to be close to upper management, wrote an article that didn't seem so bad, but it did defend Lucchino and it revealed some insider information.

Supposedly this article convinced Theo he didn't want to stay. He had already seen his bosses leak stories about Manny, Pedro, and Nomar, and he didn't want to be a part of this nonsense anymore.

It's a shame it didn't work out, but Theo's a smart guy so he'll be fine, Lucchino's smart so he'll be fine, and the Red Sox are rich so they'll be fine.


The Godfather said...

I think this was just a horrible business move by upper management (Lucchino). They let the Asst. GM interview with Arizona before they had Theo signed and now they have no one. If it was a situation where Theo was just asking for too much money or wanted a longer contract, then I may feel differently, but this was not the case. The terms were agreeable. It was Lucchino's ego that made Theo walk.
Who the hell is Dan Shaughnessey anyway? He is a writer that happens to be employed by the paper that has partial ownership of the team. The rumor is that there was a smear campaign that Lucchino used his curly haired puppet against Theo. Now the Sox are left in a situation where they don't have a GM.
I think this will be the beginning of Lucchino wearing out his welcome in Boston. It'd be interesting to have a Baltimore Orioles fans perspective on this. Lucchino got Camden Yards built and the team was winning for a few years when he was there, but I once heard a sports radio caller (when Lucchino forst came to Boston) say a lot of negative things about him and that he just wore out his welcome. Now this was one caller so I have no idea if this is a general consensus of how a good deal of Baltimore felt.
As for the Sox having money. The Sox are the only team to win a World Series with a payroll of over $100 million. As you saw from the trade deadline this year, teams are using the luxury tax money to sure up their stars. The Brewers with ben Sheets, the Twins with Johan Santana, etc. I think a smart baseball guy is more valuable in today's game and one is leaving Boston.
One guy out there wgho deserves consideration is Steve Phillips. He actually built the Mets minor leagues and some of their bad signings/trades were from pressure of the ownership so that they could compete with the Yankees for the back page.

Alan said...

I think Shaughnessey is getting too much grief. There was more to Theo leaving than what some columnist wrote. The Herald and WEEI are jumping over the fact that the Globe owns the Sox, but Shaughnessey had incredible sources before the Globe owned the Sox. The Globe has had better sources than the Herald forever, and the Herald is now jumping on this angle, but the fact is the Globe has had a history of better writers with better sources.

As for Shaughnessy being used, all writers are used by sources. Why else would a source leak a story? Shaughnessy did his job. His columns often piss me off because he's similar to how Bryan described Moriati and in my preamble to my Moriati post I was thinking of Shaughnessy. However, despite what all his enemies say, Shaughnessy is an excellent writer (although sometimes lazy) with excellent sources.

Anonymous said...

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