Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sick of Red Sox talk yet?

Some links from the Sunday Boston Globe:
  • Francona suffered through physical problems, Renteria did have injury problems (lower back and groin), and Foulke refused the Red Sox request for him to have knee surgery in April.
  • A much better analysis than I did of the Red Sox offseason plans.
  • It's not a 100% bet that Theo Epstein will be back; Manny might not be traded; Damon, Graffanino, and Mueller probably won't be back; they may go after Aubrey Huff and try to trade Foulke (but it will be tough with his contract); parking will be free for the Devil Rays; and one last interesting tidbit:
Pedro Martinez made a show on the last weekend of the regular season to thank the Mets beat writers, handing out business cards that read, ''Pedro Martinez, Pitcher," with his cellphone number. Call only if it's an emergency, he said. What constitutes an emergency, he was asked. ''Call me when we get Manny," was the reply.

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