Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Couple more baseball thoughts

  • Add David Eckstein to the list of players who let pitches hit them so they can get on base. If this were the regular season, Clemens might have "persuaded" Eckstein not to this against his team.
  • Joe Girardi's the new manager of the Marlins. Just what Florida needs, another Yankee fan.
  • Thankfully, Leo Mazzone won't be joining the Yankees.
  • All those Red Sox fans who complained about Dale Svuem should be happy that he left for Milwaukee. Has Boston ever had a third base coach that Red Sox fans actually liked?
  • Cito Gasten's won two World Series. Why hasn't another team given him a chance to manage again?
  • For those of you still upset about Gammons becoming an "ESPN Insider" (bastards), go to and check out Ken Rosenthal. He has a lot of "insider" type stuff, and he writes often. The following few thoughts are based on this Rosenthal article.
  • The Red Sox are looking to trade Matt Clement. I'm sure their phones won't stop ringing for a fifth starter who always falls apart after the All Star break. And he makes about $10 million a year! Should the Sox get Oswalt for him or should they get Pujols for him?
  • Adam Dunn is available. I'd love to see him in a Red Sox uniform batting behind Ortiz and Manny.

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