Sunday, October 30, 2005

NBA Preview, Part 1

The Finals (or who will the Spurs beat?)
The Spurs are the same team as last year's team, but deeper with Van Exel, Finley, and the continued development of their foreign players. They're winning it all unless Duncan gets hurt.

The Spurs will be beat either the Heat, Pacers or Pistons. Here's a look at each of them.

Heat: Wade and Shaq could probably get them to the finals alone, but there are issues. 1) Shaq's not getting younger and the Pistons contain him pretty well. 2) When you have superstars you're supposed to surround them with strong role players, so they get Walker, Williams, and Payton? On a good night Walker will come up with offensive rebounds and nice passes. Unfortunately those good nights are surrounded by nights of ill advised threes and sulking when he doesn't get the ball enough. Williams can be erratic and Payton should have retired three years ago. Did I mention none of these guys play defense?

It will take an MVP performance out of Shaq or Wade to get this team into the finals.

Pistons: When Larry Brown left the Pacers, the Pacers got better. When he left the Sixers, the Sixers got worse. The talented Pistons have strong veterans and promising youth, which is similar to what the Pacers had when Bird took over. The veterans will want to prove that Brown got too much credit for their success, and they'll have a strong season.

Pacers: Sports Illustrated put Ron Artest with Larry Bird on the cover. I didn't know how to react. Artest will have a great season, and maybe Jonathan Bender, Sarunas Jasikevicius, or Danny Granger will come up big to replace Reggie "the flop" Miller. This team of thugs and cry babies will continue to annoy me as they keep winning

So the Heat have the two best players, the Pistons have the best starting five, and the Pacers have the best depth. I'll go with the team with best two players. The Heat will lose to the Spurs in the finals.

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The Godfather said...

Congratulations to the 2006 World Champion Denver Nuggets.
The Nuggets were the best team in the NBA once George karl came on board. They had alittle bit of a tough time in the playoffs though. George Karl is teaching carmelo Anthony to take good shots and I think the Nugs starting 5 ranks up there with a lot of teams. Andre Miller is a solid PG, Demar Johnson is the SG right now, but I think they have someone else in the wings like Leonard, Carmelo at 3 (this is his big year to get his big payday), KMart at 4 and Camby at 5. Nene may be the best 6th man in the West and could also be used as trade bait. If the Nugs could add Paul Pierce and Karl can teach him to be patient shooting the ball, they will have a dynasty.