Sunday, October 09, 2005

NFL Thoughts

  • The Patriots have major problems on defense. Their secondary doesn't make big plays and Chad Brown and Monty Biesel have been invisible. It's even worse when you think about how Tedy Bruschi was involved in almost every play last year. It's one thing to have LT run all over you, but giving up big runs to TJ Duckett is inexcusable.
  • Good thing they have Brady and Branch. Too bad you can't win Super Bowls with just offense.
  • The Daniel Graham touchdown pass was my favorite play of the year. I'd like to see him play like this every game.
  • Drew Bledsoe looked sharp throwing to Terry Glenn. Where's Shawn Jefferson and Vincent Brisby?
  • Cleveland wins again. Romeo's a good guy to root for.
  • Packers 52, Saints 3. No, I'm not talking about my exploits in Tecmo Super Bowl again.
  • Keyshawn screaming at Bledsoe on the sideline. I guess he's jealous of T.O. getting all of the negative attention.
  • Testaverde with the win!
  • Vick may run better, but Schaub looks to be the more efficient QB. He doesn't have an STD either.
  • Whenever I see an Army commercial I wonder if that's the best way to spend my tax dollars.
  • 2010 Super Bowl will be in Miami. Party at Patsy2k's place in Boca as we watch the Pats go after their 7th consecutive Super Bowl win.
  • The Ravens came close to breaking some record for committing penalties. Who would have guessed that a team with so many problems with the law would struggle to follow rules?
  • Looking forward to seeing the Steelers' run defense against Ladainian Tomlinson.

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Patriotsy2k said...

Yeah, party at my house. The Godfather and Bryan are invited. If Tommyhawk and Kris from Key West are still alive, they can come also.
Atlanta was all bitter about losing this game. They got the Olympics in '96, what more do they want? The traffic and service are absolutely awful, so I am not surprised.