Friday, October 21, 2005

Some bad apples?

Interesting Michael Felger article about the toughness and character of some Patriots. Thanks to a yet to be named future contributor for the link. Some excerpts:

Tyrone Poole's unit is reeling, and his teammates in the secondary are under fire. The defense is desperate for leaders and playmakers, and Poole has had to watch it all from the sidelines, recovering from one injury after another.
Yesterday, the veteran cornerback's latest setback was on full display, as he limped through the locker room on crutches sporting a small, hard cast on his right ankle, which he sprained in the season opener against Oakland.
Naturally, you'd figure Poole to be upset. Naturally, you'd assume his frustration level to be at an all-time high.
But you'd be wrong.
``Football is not my life,'' said Poole from his locker. ``It's not frustrating at all.''
That, of course, is the problem.
Consider the juxtaposition between Poole and Tedy Bruschi, whose frustration at being on the sidelines after suffering a stroke was so great that he couldn't even wait eight months before attempting a comeback.
Consider the juxtaposition between Poole and Rodney Harrison, who has three torn ligaments in his left knee yet walked through the locker room yesterday without crutches and without so much as a wince. He actually looked better than Poole...

Struggling inside linebacker Monty Beisel has pointed fingers at the secondary. Cornerback Duane Starks has admitted he can't play press coverage, a startling admission given how much Bill Belichick values physical play. Fellow corner Asante Samuel believes no one fears the Pats anymore...

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