Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Very quick baseball thoughts

Red Sox lost -- no comment; Yankees winning -- no comment; Jake Peavy hurt himself celebrating -- should have something clever to say but I don't.

Interesting trivia I heard on ESPN radio: Andy Pettitte faced Tim Hudson when the Yankees played against the A's in the playoffs. Today they faced each other as an Astro and Brave. It was the third time that two pitchers faced each other in the playoffs with two different sets of teams. It first happened a long time ago with pitchers I never heard of. The other time involved two great pitchers of the eighties. Who were they?


Bryan said...

I am a Cubs fan, so I can care less either way if the White Sox do anything. BUT I do hope that the Yankees, Red Sox, and Braves all take a quick exit.
At least that way, I know that the Eastern Sports Programming Network will be forced to cover something west of Appalachia.

Patriotsy2k said...

Good trivia question, Alan, got to think of this one.
That's funny, "Eastern Sports Programming Network". Hey, ESPN did cover the 2002 World Series thoroughly..

Bryan said...

So the 2002 World Series....
As opposed to constant coverage of Yankees/Red Sox, Patriots/Whomever, Knicks and the god awful Larry Brown saga, Duke Basketball, the rest of the ACC Basketball, SEC football, and mindless crap that more than half the country does not care about.

If you can honestly say that the 4-letter network does not have a bias or an agenda, then I have a bridge to see you over the Euphrates.

Patriotsy2k said...

You forgot the whole T.O. saga over the offseason that people even in Philly were getting sick of.

Alan said...

Then there's how they constantly talked about Michael Jordan, the Laker's sagas, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Notre Dame, Randy Moss...oh wait nevermind.

The Godfather said...

ESPN carries the top teams. What college football team has been talked about the most on ESPN for the past 3 years? USC.
When it comes to college basketball, the East has all the marketable teams and by the way, the East teams usually win.
As for the NFL, of course the Pats are going to get a lot of air time. They have gone 28-4 in the past 2 regular seasons (not including this year of course). I agree that it would be nice to see mre coverage of Tomlinson or Shaun Alexander, but as for teams, the West does not have any marketale teams right now. In the late 80's and early 90's, you could watch ESPN for 3 hours without seeing something about the 49ers.
I can go sport by sport. The NL West is an embarrassment. I think a lot of people get annoyed with all the Yanks/Red Sox talk. Take a step back for a second and look at the last 2 ALCS'. Those were 2 of the best series ever. In 2003, a trip to the world series was decided in a Game 7 HR in extra innings after one of the biggest baseball stars was pitching with a lead in the 8th. Last year, a team came back from an 0-3 deficit to get them to the World Series and win their first championship in 86 years.

Of course, ESPN is going to play that out. I'll refer again to my 49ers analogy. When the West Coast teams have marketable teams (like USC), ESPN will talk about them to death.