Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Really quick NFL thoughts

I was pretty disgusted watching the Patriots game, so I didn't watch much of any games after or watch many highlights. You can do that when you don't have a fantasy team. The only way I could write a lot about football is if I wrote about the Tecmo Super Bowl Championship I just won with the Broncos (Bobby Humphrey came up big and I believe the computer version of Mike Tice took over as coach of the 49ers -- just one pass to Jerry Rice who was in Excellent condition). Back to reality:
  • I'm already sick of those "clever" Cadillac Williams headlines. ESPN wrote: On blocks? Bucs might hold back Cadillac in practice Get it! He's on blocks like a Cadillac would be on blocks if it didn't run. Run like a car or run like running back! It's like wordsmith heaven!
  • Josh McCown had a great game against the 49ers defense. Imagine what Manning will do next week against them!
  • Why do teams run reverses towards Willie McGinest? He's always ready for them. The time he contained one last weekend is memorable because it was the only good defensive play by the Pats the entire day.
  • Some more NFL players got busted with drug problems. How is it that only baseball is taking heat for this problem?
  • Newsflash: Ladainian Tomlinson is absolutely incredible. I don't remember seeing a back do the things he does. He's the Roger Federer of running backs.
  • I think I should stop now.

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Patriotsy2k said...

"the Roger Federer of running backs". I think I might get one of my psychology friends at the FAU graduate program to check you out. This obsession with this tennis star is a little troubling. As a courtesy, I have just the female for you. She is an annoying Canes fan (aren't they all??), yet you may like her. The Godfather wouldn't approve, though, cause she has short hair.