Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Al Nipper & The Ladies Man

Some quick Red Sox news: Al Nipper was named the Red Sox new bullpen coach today. He was an average pitcher with an above average mustache.

Also got this tidbit from the Ladies Man:
I heard this on the radio:

Buster Olney of ESPN has reported that Theo regrets
his decision and has made overtures to the Red Sox
to come back. He has been "rebuffed" so far, which
if true, shows the continuing stupidity of
the Red Sox.
Olney's a good reporter, but I have a feeling he's being used by the Red Sox front office. This story implies that Theo made a mistake and the Sox aren't taking him back because of the way he left. If I could read Peter Gammons, I'm sure he's writing something that makes Theo look better and Lucchino worse.


Patriotsy2k said...

I think I am missing something here. What does "the Ladies Man" have to do with this post? That movie had some funny parts, yet was otherwise foolish.

Alan said...

The Ladies Man is a new reporter for Bartcopsportseast. With Kris from Key West's sabbatical, the quick tempered Godfather's unpredictable sudden departures, Bryan going through the hell of student teaching (bet you love paying someone to work), and Patriotsy2k getting stranded in sea, we need some new blood.

The Godfather said...

quick tempered departures? sorry, just a little slow in the sports world that I have not too much to say right now.
maybe I can work on starting a college basketball discussion, but A.J. Price stole my laptop with all my insider information.