Monday, November 28, 2005

NFL thoughts

Haven't done this in a while.
  • The Lions fired Mariucci. Does it really matter? They'll still be the Lions.
  • Byron Leftwich is out for at least a month. The Jaguars were a team that could spoil Indy's undefeated season. Don't see that happening without Leftwich.
  • I'm not counting on the Steelers to spoil Indy's season. Tonight's an important game. The Steelers win their important games in September and October.
  • If Indy does go undefeated, at least it would shut up the Bitter Has-Beens, I mean the 1972 Dolphins.
  • Dat Nugyen is out for the season and may retire. Dat's too bad. Sorry.
  • Aaron Brooks can look so good on some of his touchdown passes, yet he's so bad. Wonder if a good coach could turn him around.
  • My Patriots rant: Rodney Harrison's a great player, but the Patriots' lousy defense can't be completely blamed on his injury. The front seven's been inconsistent against the run, and their pass rush has been terrible. Maybe the value of Romeo Crennel was underestimated.
  • Sure we can blame the Giants' kicker, but when the Giants got into field goal position they stopped being aggressive and even lost yards. I don't understand coaches who have their teams stop right when the get in range for a long field goal. You have to trust your players to not turn the ball over, and as Tom Coughlin knows very well, field goals over forty yards aren't a guarantee.
  • Jeremy Shockey celebrating and pointing to the camera before seeing that Feely missed the kick was the highlight of the year. Scroll down at to see it in a constant loop.
  • Better than Ezra performed at halftime during the Jets game. I know someone named Ezra; Better than Ezra isn't better than him.

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Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, can we get Romeo back somehow? I was talking about this yesterday. If Cleveland sucks, can they fire him so the Pats can rehire him? Weiss is probably a goner, though.
Those "bitter has-beens" are still rejoicing their 1972 season, even at the Pats game Nov 13th. Some of the Hillybilly fin fans made it clear that the Pats couldn't go undefeated. I guess we suck.
Look past Mariucci. What about Matt Millen? The Lions have a terrible record since he took over in 2001. They almost made the playoffs in 2000, and have regressed big time since. Why does he get a free pass, especially with the poor drafting (3 1st round picks on WR's the last 3 drafts).