Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thanks A-Rod

I needed a distraction from all the Theo Epstein talk, and fortunately a story came out about the Yankees and Bud Selig being concerned about A-Rod gambling at underground Poker clubs. I don't think it's a big deal, but because it's A-Rod and the Yankees it becomes one.

First, if anyone on ESPN criticizes A-Rod for playing poker, they may want to look at ESPN's programming schedule. Poker's on ESPN constantly, yet it's not even a sport. Finding out that A-Rod gambles will not make children want to do the same. Seeing ESPN worshipping and obsessing over the game will get more children interested in playing poker.

The more important issue with A-Rod's poker habits are the people he may be in contact with. When you're in a New York basement playing thousand dollar hands at 3 AM, your opponents probably aren't Boy Scout Leaders. If I were as rich as A-Rod and in the public eye like he is, I would avoid that scene. He should be hitting the town with Jeter picking up models and the Paris Hiltons of the world.


Bryan said...

same thing that happened with Jordan over here Chicago. I have this theory that Michael Jordan never really retired, but was actually suspended.
The NBA just wanted to make sure the great Michael Jordan was not put into a negative light, because if the face behind the NBA could do something like that, what are the others humps doing?

Patriotsy2k said...

Yes, I am back! I know all of you missed me. Not having a home connection is making me do this post at bosses are currently having a meeting. Anyways, good post illustrating KGB, being played by John Malkovich, in "Rounders". A-Rod would have made a good "worm", played by Edward Norton. My favorite line in that movie is one that the Godfather would appreciate. When Mike, played by Matt Damon, returned to KGB's dungeon to win some much-needed money to payoff "Grammy", he said..."Me returning here is like Buckner walking back into Shea". He was referring to the beginning of the movie when he got wiped out by KGB in poker.
Alan, what is your recent fascination with ESPN?

Alan said...

Agree with Bryan about the Jordan retirement/suspension.

I've periodically complained about ESPN. What got me this time was I was looking forward to the Bruschi return and ESPN tainted it with their ridulous coverage. Maybe I should follow Patsy2k's lead and only watch ESPN at bars so at least I wouldn't have to hear the announcers.

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