Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Worth staying awake for

Monday Night Football started off as a pretty boring game. The only reason I was staying awake was the Eagles were blitzing a lot, and it's always fun to see what wacky things Bledsoe will do when blitzed (the no-look interception was nice). I was even about to comment how McNabb looked to be scrambling better and maybe his injury situation was improving.

Then the Eagles finally got burned by their blitz. Bledsoe quickly saw Terry Glenn had one-on-one coverage and completed a nice touchdown pass. All the Eagles had to do was run out the clock an play a little defense, but McNabb threw one of the worst interceptions I had ever seen. It was the type of throw that makes me wonder if McNabb owed a favor to a bookie. There was just no logical explanation for the pass.

On the run back for the touchdown, McNabb was pushed down. He wasn't hit hard; it seemed like a relatively gentle block. McNabb, then struggles to stand up looking like he got hit by a truck. Maybe it doesn't take much to reaggravate a sports hernia, but I always get suspicious when an athlete starts limping right after making a terrible play.

When McNabb went back in he played like an injured quarterback because he threw three terrible throws. The Eagles punt, the Cowboys almost fumble the game away but luckily recover, and the Cowboys punt giving the Eagles less than a minute to get into field goal range.

Then, Mike McMahon replaces McNabb and he almost pulled off the comeback. In fact he should have, but Reggie Brown dropped an easy catch in field goal range. I would have loved to see Ackers hit a 60 yard field goal, but it didn't happen and Eagle fans must be having a grumpy morning.


Patriotsy2k said...

The Eagles will continue the streak of Super Bowl losers not reaching the playoffs the following season.
Donovan is not well. I think he needs more Chunky soup.

Patrick Ebbitt said...

T.O, was wrong in his delivery/ approach but correct in his appraisal. McNabb is vastly overrated. Basically, McNabb sucks. He sucked in college and he sucks as a pro. He lost three NFC Championship games including, two at home and he single handedly lost last years Super Bowl.

Rush Limbaugh (whom I detest) was correct when he said McNabb was overrated and only gets a break from the press because he's a brother.