Sunday, November 06, 2005

Now we just need one more undefeated team to lose

With Virginia Tech's loss to Miami, we now have Alabama, USC, and Texas left as undefeated teams. College fans have to hope one of these teams loses, so there can be an actual controversy-free national championship game.


Bryan said...

Don't hold your breath. USC for sure isn't going to lose. Texas is in a weak conference that only rivals the Pac-10. Alabama is just too tough of a team, they are this years Auburn from last year.

The Godfather said...

Ok. Here's my prediction on what will happen still causing controversey because we all know how much I like controversey.
USC wins out.
LSU beats Bama next weekend.
Colorado beats Texas in the Big XII Championship.
Miami wins out including beating Florida State in the ACC Championship.
This scanrio puts Miami in the BCS Championship game. Why? Because they lost in Week 1 as opposed to teams like Alabama and Texas who lose late in the year (under my prediction anyway).

Bryan said...

That is an interesting prediction Mr. Godfather. I am inclined to agree with you about Bama, but I do not know about that Texas prediction.
Either because I don't think that Texas will lose, or because I refuse to think a team coach by Gary Barnett can do anything right.