Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gillette Stadium, Patriotsy2k, and drunk truckers

Thanks to Patriotsy2k and his famous connections, I was able to see the Pats in Gillette Stadium. Getting to my seat reminded me of climbing Mount Washington, but despite the height of the seats the view was still pretty good.

I'll probably have some analysis later after I see some highlights and read some articles. For now, I can say three things -- the Saints are undisciplined, the Pats are missing too many players, and truck drivers are absolutely crazy (but fortunately generous with their food and beer).


Patriotsy2k said...

I'll 2nd your opinions, Alan, especially about the crazy truck drivers and climbing Mt Washington. The Pats are also not coming up with the defensive plays and defensive schemes to confuse an opponent....when they need to. I was a little scared that Brooks was going to lead the Saints in the endzone for the game-winning TD. Fortunately, time was running out, so Brooks forced one into the endzone that was picked.

Anonymous said...

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