Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy NFL thoughts

I've been a bit negative lately, so here are some good things to report:
  • I recently wrote about Tiki Barber being underrated, and then Peter King comes along to back me up with a comparison between Tiki and LT since 2004. Rushing yards: Tiki, 2278l LT, 2170. Receiving yards: Tiki, 730; LT 705. They've both played 24 games and LT has many more touchdowns, but Barber has a higher average in yards per rush and reception.
  • Troy Brown passed Irving Fryar to become the receiver with the second most receiving yards in Patriots history. Not bad for a 7th round draft pick.
  • Got the previous information from Reiss's Pieces -- the most informative Patriots website on the net.
  • The Colts' hurry up offense was impressive. Twice it forced the Pats to call timeout and their quick snap caused an offsides penalty on the Pats.

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The Godfather said...

I don't know the answer, but compare Tiki's fumbles to LT. Tiki has always been a great back, but he coughs up the ball too much. Last year was really the first year he cut down on his fumbles.