Monday, November 21, 2005

Sox get Beckett

It looks like the Red Sox are getting Josh Beckett for two highly touted prospect, Hanley Ramirez and Anibel Sanchez, plus a prospect to be named later. I'm always apprehensive when the Red Sox give up prospects, but at least they're getting a young pitcher in return.

Before this trade, Boston viewed Hanley Ramirez as the next great superstar. Already talk show callers and hosts are claiming that they thought he was overrated. I have a tough time believing that because many national publications also claim Ramirez is a top prospect. Then again, maybe the Sox always planned to trade him, which would explain the Renteria signing.

To go along with Beckett, the Red Sox are also getting Mike Lowell who makes way too much money and was terrible last year, but I'll be optimistic. Last year was a fluke, Fenway and batting near Ortiz (and hopefully Manny Ramirez) will make him a better hitter, and he's a gold glove fielder.

Maybe the Sox gave up prospects who will become Hall of Famers, but I like the trade because Beckett has the right talent, he's a strikeout and groundball pitcher, he's young, and he beat the Yankees in the World Series.

Guess the Red Sox don't need a GM.

As for the Marlins, it looks like they're trying to free up money to sign Willis and Cabrera, and the Marlins have hit gold when trading for prospects before. However, Marlin fans can't be happy about the team losing Beckett, Burnett, and possibly Delgado. Nevermind, there are no Marlin fans.

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The Godfather said...

It was a no brainer for the Sox and a very good trade for them.
My only problem is that Beckett is already being heralded as an ace. He definitely has the potential to be an ace and also has the potential to win multiple Cy Young awards, but I just don't think he moves in next year to ace status.
As for Lowell, he obviously had to be part of the deal. I've already heard WEEI state that Lowell will be better than the 27 HR's that he hit one year. I think that is a very optimistic approach. I heard the same argument that Renteria's numbers would improve from St. Louis.
It is a great trade for the Sox. I just think the perception is just a little too optimistic right now.