Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Looking for a new home?

Manny's condo is on the market for the bargain price of $6.9 million. If you're interested, I know someone in Boca who can help with the financing.


Patriotsy2k said...

If I ever got a financing deal anywhere close to 6.9 million, yards would be on me at the Sunset Grill. This time, Alan would have to get the courage to order one and the Godfather would have to simply show up.

The Godfather said...

maybe if patsy2k actually called and made plans with the Godfather before he was "almost there" would be nice too. unfortunately, I left my cell phone at work and didn't get your messages although I do have a home phone which is the phone I used to call you when I left you the message.
I think patsy2k got too caught up in trying to win the yard contest instead of actually hanging out with friends. either that or he didn't ahve enough respect to actually let me know what the plans were until he was "almost there."

Alan said...

"I left my cell phone at work" is as flimsy as an excuse as, "it was my brother's crack pipe."

The Godfather lost his championship through forfeit, but Patriotsy2k did not capture it because a new competitor, J-Love, drank his yard faster. Speaking of poor excuses, Patsy2k claims "he was not competing" after he lost.

The Godfather said...

again you are misinformed as usual. I can care less about a yard contest as we all know that there is no way patsy2k can beat me. I care that I altered plans and ended up having to drive home in the snow on Thanksgiving Day all for nothing. Hope it was worth attempting to win a championship for patsy2k.

Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, you have got to be kidding. Since nobody else decided to compete, me and Jason decided to enjoy our yards and not race. It just so happened he drank it before I did. You can ask him about it, even though I know you are breaking my balls here and know this already.
Godfather, I called you 6 times that day, even from my dad's office. In an email received the previous week, I thought you'd be all set. It just wasn't as much fun as last year, though. I am sorry that we couldn't hang out that night.