Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Few more thoughts on the Pats & Colts

  • I've thrown around the injury excuse for the Patriots, but it goes beyond injuries. Scott Pioli and the Pats did not have a good offseason. They've had injuries and departures before and survived because of good replacements (Eugene Wilson for Lawyer Milloy, Dan Koppen for Damien Woody, Randall Gay for Ty Law, Vince Wilfork for Ted Washington. This year none of the replacements are doing much (besides the two offensive linemen they drafted). The Pats have drafted several players for their secondary the last two years and none are contributing. What's worse is they traded for Duane Starks (I don't believe they gave up a third rounder for him) and signed Monty Biesel and Chad Brown. This type of offseason makes the injuries hurt even more.
  • Peyton Manning is a class act -- he always says the right things win or lose and keeps things in proper perspective. On the other hand, there's the Colt GM, Bill Polian who has blamed every Colts loss on the officiating, and had this to say last night:

With four seconds remaining and the Patriots hurrying to the line to
squeeze off one final play in a 40-21 blowout by Indy, Colts president Bill Polian said with annoyance, "They're trying to run another play. He's going to throw another pass."

And as backup quarterback Doug Flutie rolled out with pressure on his
heels, Polian muttered, "Break his leg."

Indy's agitation with the Patriots and Belichick -- well veiled in public
comments -- was evident in the words of the hot-tempered Polian during the game.

When the Colts scored a late touchdown to go up 40-21 and lined up for a two-point conversion, the Patriots were in the midst of changing personnel. In an effort to buy time, Belichick threw his challenge flag onto the field.

"There's one set of rules for him and one for everybody else," raged

"Just kick [the extra point]," someone in the press box suggested.

"Kick it [my behind]," answered Polian.

This demonstration of class was found in an article written by Tom Curran of the Providence Journal. You need to register (which I'm not) to read the entire article. Thanks to the Boston Sports Media Message Board for the story.

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Patriotsy2k said...

Good points on Pioli, Alan. Their secondary is the worst I have seen in years for the Pats, and his acquisitions to compensate for the losses of Law, Poole (he should have known he was injury prone), and then Harrison were awful. I like your comment 1 month ago, about shipping off Starks on the next train out of town.....and make Beisel go on that same train also.
Funny comment by Madden last nite about the Pats. They were down 28-7, looking hopeless against Indy's offense. He starts muttering about Indy's dominance. Then the Pats score to close to 2 TD's, and when they came back from the TV timeout, Madden starts to comment about how if the Pats win it all this year, it will be an amazing accomplishment. I guess that drive really impressed him. I don't see any way they make it through the AFC. AFC East title is a realistic goal. After that, look out. Someone compared the AFC East with the NL West this year. At least the Padres had a defense.