Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hot Stove

Here's a good site with a list of free agents and where they may go. Among the highlights of the site is predicting Kevin Millar to sign with the Best Damn Sports Show, Period, Ramon Hernandez going to the Mets because he's overrated, and this little cringe-inducing tidbit:
"Jamie Moyer, Mariners. Retirement. And somewhere, Darren Bragg grounds weakly to second."

Some more thoughts about an unpredictable offseason:
  • There's a rumor that the Yankees are thinking about signing Rafael Furcal to play center. That would give the Yankees three of the best shortstops in baseball to go along with their four managers. Maybe they should go after Nomar too.
  • If the Sox could get Nomar for a good price, I wouldn't mind seeing them take a chance on him.
  • By next year, the Yankees will regret giving Matsui such a big contract.
  • Love to see Delgado in a Sox uniform, but, again, what do you do during interleague play when your two best hitters can only play the same position?
  • Today's Red Sox prediction which changes daily: Youkalis at first with Olerud or a similar defensive specialist backing him up, Glaus at third, and Torii Hunter in center. I'm against trading Manny away, but it looks like it will happen. Hunter may be wishful thinking, but I'm allowed to do that.
  • Speaking of wishful thinking, Ichiro may want to be traded. Leading off for the Red Sox: Ichiro, batting second, Torii Hunter, batting third Ortiz, batting cleanup, Manny, batting fifth, Troy Glaus, dating Alan, Jennifer Love Hewitt...

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