Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just got sick to my stomach

No, I didn't eat a bad piece of turkey.

I was thinking about how the Red Sox made a big deal and how it looks like the Mets got Carlos Delgado. Also the Mets are grabbing headlines by aggressively going after Billy Wagner and every other free agent in the market (still no confirmation about Terrell Owens becoming the Mets next right fielder though).

Meanwhile the Yankees have been quiet. Dangerously quiet. I was thinking about how they've been quiet as I kept reading rumors about how Ichiro wants to be traded. That's when I tasted some vomit. Ichiro might become a Yankee!

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The Godfather said...

There's a difference between going after every free agent, intending to offer deals to every one of them and covering all your bases by exploring multiple options.
Yes, the Mets are pursuing Wagner, Ryan and Gordon. Obviously, they have no intention of signing all three or even 2 of them. If the Wagner deal falls through, they move on to Ryan and then to Gordon.
By the way, if they sign Wagner, their payroll will be at what it was last year or actually a little lower, pending other moves.

Off their payroll:
Piazza - roughly $15 million
Cameron - $7.5 million
Looper - $4.5 million

Delgado - $13 million
Nady - .5 million
Wagner - $10 million

I think so far, the Mets have improved their team and have no mortgaged their future. Petit probably will be good someday, but I wouldn't consider him a can't miss prospect.