Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Wisdom of Chris Chambers

I already wrote about his whining on the field, and now I get to read this, where he blames the sun, the quarterback, the refs, and the quaterback again. This is coming from a guy who took issue because his coach said the Dolphins' receivers were "decent." If you want to be better than decent, try making some crunch time catches.

Receiver Chris Chambers on the sun in his eyes on a fade route late in the game:
“Yeah, we both had it in our eyes a little bit. We couldn’t pick up the ball. I don’t even know if the ball was catchable anyway, but it’s important to make a good effort on it.”

Chambers on running the fade two plays in a row:
“We thought we had a good matchup going after the same corner[back]. There was contact on both plays but we didn’t get those calls all day.”

Chambers on the last Dolphins’ offensive play:
“It was real tough. There was a blitz on so I didn’t have enough opportunity to get my head around quick enough to pick up the ball and scoop it before it hit the ground.”

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