Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pats squeak by Miami

It's always a big deal when the Patriots beat Miami in Miami. Brady seems to always struggle against the Dolphins D and the Dolphins have great homefield advantage with the weather. Now some thoughts:
  • Am I imagining things or did the Pats secondary seem to get better when Troy Brown joined the defensive backfield?
  • I've whined enough about defensive injuries, now it's time to whine about injuries on the offensive side. Here's what was missing: starting running back, third down running back, third string running back/fullback, starting tight end, second receiver, starting left tackle, starting right tackle, starting center. Did I forget anyone?
  • Some new players for the Patriots finally contributed. Heath Evans, who they picked up off the street had some strong runs, Ellis Hobbs made some plays at cornerback, and Tim Dwight looks like the type of guy who makes big plays.
  • Is Chris Chambers Reggie Miller in disguise? He whines to the ref after every incomplete pass. Reggie Miller, though, makes big plays at the end of the game.
  • This year's Patriots aren't at the same level of Indy, Pitt, and Denver, but luckily their competition is the AFC East.


Patriotsy2k said...

Alan, me and SB are wondering what you mean by Troy Brown. Are you joking, or did he really line up defensively? We are confused.
Evans looked good. Take away a couple of bad plays covering, and Hobbs played a great game. Gotta love Watson, the last TD was caught right in front us....5 rows up in the corner endzone.
I still don't understand how Chambers was so wide open on his 2nd TD. Did the fumbled snap throw off the D?

Alan said...

Troy Brown played D on 3rd downs. The snapped fumble screwed up the Pats D. It looked like some defenders ran to recover the fumble and there was confusion in the backfield. Then again, there always seems to be confusion in the Pats' secondary -- fumbled snap or not.